Digital Certificates

Security Beyond the Certificate

Besecure is a Value Added Reseller and partner of Entrust Datacard providing the full range of Entrust's certificate portfolio. Entrust Datacard has been the trusted Certification Authority to not only Fortune 500® companies, but public and private organizations of all sizes since 1999. Recognized as pioneers in developing public trust and innovators in establishing policy, continues to bring peace of mind by delivering the best value in digital certificates. Entrust is recognized for its unique offerings: one-on-one support, best practices approach, flexible licensing options, streamlined management tools, and wide-range of certificates lowering operational costs while promoting a secure sever environment. Customers can stay focused on their core business while providing the most secure transactional environment for online customers. 

Besecure and Entrust are more than security companies. We’re your partner — real people you can depend on to provide the security, focus and trust you deserve. While we do provide a full range of security solutions for all types of organizations, we have one purpose in mind – your protection. Let us help you build your identity-based security through our comprehensive portfolio of digital certificates and services.

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Digital Signing 

Our digital signing certificates establish a trusted identity for code publishing, document signing and email encryption.

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TLS/SSL Certificates

Entrust’s  organization  and extended validation certificates provide the highest levels of security in order to ensure the  ultimate and safest level of trust and confidence between a user and the websites they are visiting. 

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Manage the entire life cycle of your certificates issued by Entrust. Get access to a portal that  provides you the tools necessary to ease the pains of certificate management. 

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Device Certificates

Seamlessly provision and manage device certificates directly to many of the leading mobile platforms. 

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